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Aerial Perspective operates under a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved Operator’s Certificate by professional, fully qualified UAV operators, most of whom are current international airline pilots.

Two different platforms are available giving you the flexibility to obtain the required quality and results for the task:

The DJI S800 EVO is a stable, high-tech remote controlled UAV which is perfectly suited for high quality, professional applications. It’s payload is a Sony Alpha NEX5 Camera.

The DJI Phantom is a smaller highly manoeuvrable remote controlled UAV better suited to confined spaces and being equipped with the amazing GoPro Hero 3 is an excellent platform for high speed sports photography etc.

Aerial Perspective can even offer a post production service if required, utilising the latest, state of the art, editing software which will give your project a high quality, professional finish that both you and your customers will greatly appreciate.

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